12. Dezember 2014 - 20:30

Real Estates. Life Without Debt (FULCRUM) // The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook (CASCO)

Double Book Launch with Jack Self & Shumi Bose (Fulcrum), Wayne Daly (Bedford Press) and Yolande van der Heide from Casco
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Real Estates. Life Without Debt: Neoliberalism as a wealth redistribution imperative has made property ownership impossible or unprofitable for much of society. Whether in the form of mortgages or rent, we are consigned to living in conditions of perpetual debt. Real Estates: Life Without Debt explores the moral, political and economic ramifications of property and ownership in neoliberal debt economies, and asks what role the architect might play in addressing widening social and spatial inequality in the built environment.

The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook is a compendium of living research developed by artists, designers, theorists, neighbors, and activists who investigate and expand the status of the home outside the narrow lens of private concerns. Inhabiting the structure of a 1960s home economics design manual, the handbook offers numerous entries that include case studies, project documentation, ephemera, analysis, and theory in the form of artistic, collective, and spatial design operations. Woven throughout the five chapters as key categories— Domestic Apparatus, Inhabitation, Work at Home, Economy to Oikos, and Neighboring and Organizing— the collection of texts and images constitutes a diverse and sometimes conflicting tapestry of domestic tactics, apparatuses of disruption, and political entanglements to spark your imagination and catalyze your own GDR practices. The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook develops from the Grand Domestic Revolution (GDR) project at Casco — Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht, the Netherlands, which still evolves in various forms, including tours and offshoots under the moniker GDR GOES ON. Informed by the late nineteenth-century material feminist views on domestic labor and their practices and proposals for spatial, architectural, and urban design that “socialized” an invisible layer of domestic activities, GDR re-valorizes the reproductive sphere of our activities and investigates existing domestic regimes.

Real Estates: Life Without Debt

Edited by Fulcrum (Jack Self & Shumi Bose)
Essays by:
Pier Vittorio Aureli, Neil Brenner, Mark Campbell, Mario Carpo, Keller Easterling, Ross Exo Adams, Peer Illner, Sam Jacob, Roberta Marcaccio, Jack Self, Brett Steele, Urban-Think Tank, Wouter Vanstiphout, Eyal Weizman, Finn Williams. Design: Wayne Daly
Bedford Press, London 2014

The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook
Editors: Binna Choi and Maiko Tanaka
Contributors include: Silvia Federici, Katherine Gibson and Jenny Cameron, Christina Kiaer, Doina Petrescu, and Marina Vishmidt. Design: Åbäke
Casco &  Valiz, Amsterdam 2014

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Study, Act - Think! Publishing Architecture from within Academia

December 11, Thursday, 6 pm

Forum exhibition space
Institute of Architecture
TU Berlin
Ernst Reuter Platz
Strasse des 17. Juni 152

Nina Gribat, Universität Stuttgart; Philipp Misselwitz, TU Berlin: "Publications, Pamphlets and Protest Campaigns: Radical Discourse Production at German Architecture Faculties 1965-1975"
Jack Self, AA London: "Fulcrum: 100 Thematic Broadsheet Publications on Architecture, Economy and Society 2011-2014.
Jörg Gleiter, TU Berlin: "Cloud-Cocoo-Land: an International Multi-lingual Online Journal on Architecture Theory."
Ilka & Andreas Ruby, Ruby Press: "Building Brazil et al.: Publishing as an Integral Act of Teaching"

Moderators: Christophe Barlieb, Jörg Stollmann

In cooperation with Pro-qm and Books People Places.


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