WTD Magazine

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Interactive Architecture and Design

WTD is a publication where: the space maker, the detail enthusiast, the cynic, the idealist and the indecisive initiate a conversation. One that goes hay wire or reaches a dead end. Another that is so intricate it can’t be deciphered in one discussion. And select few that are relevant to a context and can (should) be manifested. These are the ones we yearn for – the common ground between all of the diverse personalities that have come together. The reason they connected – an attempt to alter the existing landscape. Through architectural discourse a conceptual ideal takes form. Other curious minds can voice their aspirations too – physically on the printed matter or among themselves. Here they take part in the design dialogue. A space is formed on the pages – where thoughts are constructed – a messy process that is exposed to the readers. Most importantly, a place where fleeting design ideas are anchored.


WTD MAGAZINE is printed using soy inks on wood free and recycled paper. We appreciate the raw and ever-evolving process. That is the reason we chose to have a spine with “exposed” binding.