Under/current Magazine

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dreimal im Jahr

Under/current is a new triannual arts and fashion magazine brimming with provocative images and ideas. Dispensing with the glib, throwaway format that undermines so much of contemporary culture, Under/current aims to provoke and inspire through its creativity, passion and vision.

The magazine’s themes are epic, playful and thought-provoking, combining material that has depth with a humorous twist.

Following the debut issue ‘Dynasty’, Under/current treads where no other publication dares, by devoting an entire issue to conflict, decay, and financial turmoil.

Themed ‘Downfall’, the issue dismisses recession rock with London noise-pop breakouts The Big Pink, enters the murky desolation of Anthony Goicolea’s cityscapes, delves into the Day-Glo meltdown of sculptor Folkert de Jong, and re-opens Nazi-era photo albums with The Archive of Modern Conflict.