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International Design Territory
Kuala Lumpur

Territory Magazine—a vibrant and dynamic design magazine—was conceived in 2004 with the intention of exploring and delving into the world of design. Today, it has evolved along with the design and illustration world in its own unique manner: trippy. While committed to analyzing design and culture, it has opened up and connected international and local design spaces.

With pages and pages of diverse artworks ranging from the subliminal to the psychedelic, conceptual to the personal, the works are a reflection of present and future currents of design that mesmerize the reader as each page is turned.

Heralded as the first magazine of its kind in the region, Territory has ignited the imaginations of its readers and taken them on what could only be known as a phantasmagorical journey. Each issue offers a different experience: an adventure through mind-altering dimensions and surreal dreams. This is evident in some of the past themed issues where they have sought to penetrate the different schools of design (such as the Minimalism or the Art of the Artificial Issue) from the artist's point of view. Understanding that most readers and design enthusiasts would love to know what makes the artists tick, in-depth interviews have been conducted to reveal the different aspects of the art and artists involved.

In conjunction with its role, Territory constantly works to uncover fresh talents, helping up-and-coming designers to carve their identities in the International Arena. Not surprisingly, many young Asian designers who have had their works graced the pages of Territory have found valuable exposure with an International audience.