Photographers in Conflict

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The festival for photojournalism Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan (Southern France), has established itself as a solid framework for an annual gathering of the photojournalism industry. Controversial in its presentation of, and in its reflection on, photojournalism, the festival determined the environment in which Galic and Gredig in 2006 examined the group of the concerned photojournalists. In the aftermath of Abu Ghraib and the Tsunami, a cross-section of 32 photographers was invited in situ by the two artists into a Spartan, black painted studio, in order to capture their still portraits and video interviews. By isolating the photojournalists and placing them in front of their camera, Galic and Gredig reverse the asymmetrical power relationship between photographer and subject, and explore the self-perception of the photographers.

Camera Down

32 x 47 cm, 20 pages, 105 color plates, newspaper,
Baden, 2008, first edition, 1.000 copies, ISBN 978–3–03747–011–4