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The Young Artists Society
Unge Kunstneres Samfund (UKS)

The Young Artists Society was established in 1921. Throughout the society’s history UKS has worked to secure the rights of young artists both artistically and socially. For a long period the society existed primarily as a centre for exchanging goods, where art was swapped for basic goods and services such as food and dentist appointments. In the seventies UKS was a focal point for the artists’ fight for economic rights in the welfare state. Later has also the struggle for the recognition of new forms of artistic expression been a major issue.
UKS’ primary are to produce and present exhibitions and larger shows of contemporary Norwegian and International art, with a special attention to the younger artists. A large network of collaborators has been built during the last ten years, and UKS has for the last five years presented exhibitions curated by several internationally known curators from Australia, France, Italy and the former republic of Yugoslavia.

August 2003 represent a major point of change for the organization, as UKS moved from one of Oslo’s oldest buildings to a newly restored industrial space in the eastern part of the city centre. This was the first time the organization moved in 65 years! The new exhibition hall is twice as big as the former, with high ceilings and a beautiful light coming in through old glass windows in the roof. To move an old organisation and gallery opens for new, and highly needed changes. UKS has become one of the best exhibition spaces in Oslo, with a possibility to become an even more important actor on the art scene in Norway.