Buffalo Zine

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Buffalo is an editorial project based in Madrid and London. Its print version is Buffalo Zine: a unique, experimental publication on aesthetics, arts, and self–expression.
We name it a zine because of Buffalo’s free spirit. Each issue will have a different design and format as we don’t want to be constrained by a rigid structure: we want the form to be as free as the content.

The focus is on featuring new talents and timeless icons from a very personal perspective: an intimate, in–depth approach with a hint of poetry.
In this issue: Duane Michals, The Roches, Matt Momchilov, ESG, Hugh Holland, The Raincoats, Tony Ward, Salem, Walt Paper, Jake Shears, Larry Clark, Dominant Legs, Chloë Sevigny, Patrick O'Dell and many more.

But Buffalo its not even a zine. It wants to be an object. Many mainstream and short–life magazines will disappear, which is ecologically fair. But we believe the future of materiality is in luxury and handcrafted projects.
Buffalo is homemade as a good bread, and created with joy, love and devotion, like a diary or an orchard. Something to own.