Oscar Tuazon. Leave Me Be

120 pages ; 23 x 16 cm
DoPe Press 2012
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AM 17 Magazin / The Obsession Issue

Gegliedert in drei große Kapitel, widmet sich die neue Edition des etablierten Studentenprojekts der Obsession, dem Exzess, der Besessenheit. Die einzelnen Abschnitte des von Natalie Neomi Isser und Pasqual Schillberg gestalteten Magazins sind hierbei wieder in kleinere Themenbereiche unterteilt und beinhalten sowohl eine Vielzahl an studentischen Arbeiten der ABK Stuttgart, als auch externen Features... http://www.slanted.de/eintrag/am-17-magazin

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Convolution. No. 1

Paul Stephens, Jenelle Troxell, Robert Hardwick Weston, eds.
Convolution. No. 1 (Fall 2011)
Duchamp's Secret Revealed
Brooklyn, : Convolution. 2011

Convolution is founded upon existing canons of scholarly, expository and critical writing, and builds upon them to develop a new creative exploration of cultural theory. The premiere issue of this journal approaches these crucial matters with a playfulness in tone and presentation.

Contributors to this issue include Giorgio Agamben, Bruce Andrews, Ayreen Anastas, Alex Barnett, Charles Bernstein, Tony Chakar, Sarah Crowner, Drew Daniel, Jeff Dolven, Melissa Dunn, Craig Dworkin, Jesko Fezer, Rene Gabri, Michael Golston, Christian Hawkey, Athena Kirk, Gareth Long, Rosalind Morris, Alessandro Petti, Andrew Schelling, Eliza Slavet, Paul Stephens, Nancy Tewksbury, Jenelle Troxell, We Have Photoshop, Robert Hardwick Weston, and Nie Zhenzhao.

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Chimurenganyanas Series

Chimurenganyana, a pavement literature project consisting of low cost serialized monographs culled from the print journal

1. The Night Moses Died by Nicole Turner
“Sleeking through the night city towards Hillbrow, it was Thapelo who asked where we were going and why….”

2. Dr Satan’s Echo Chamber by Louis Chude-Sokei
Reggae, technology and the diaspora… Louis Chude-Sokei documents the (un)making of Dr. Satan’s Echo Chamber.

3. In Search of Yambo Ouloguem by Christopher Wise
Yambo Ouologuem, the Malian author of Le devoir de violence and other literary works, has been shrouded in mystery since he disappeared from the West, effectively turning his back on literature… Christopher Wise goes in search.

4. The Making of Mannenberg by John Edward Mason.
On a winter’s day in 1974, a group of musicians led by Abdullah Ibrahim (or Dollar Brand, as most still knew him) entered a recording studio in the heart of Cape Town, and emerged, hours later, having changed South African music, forever… John Edward Mason pens notes on the making of the icon and the anthem.

5. 52 Niggers by Stacy Hardy
A word-sound investigation of unjustly neglected African-American composer Julius Eastman‘s caged negratas.

6. Rumblin’ by Dominique Malaquais
A text and image reflection on the “Rumble in the Jungle”, the Muhammad Ali / George Foreman boxing match held in Kinshasa in 1974.

7. The Forest and the Zoo by Aryan Kaganof
Johnny Dyani offers method to the Skanga (black music family) in this extended conversation with Aryan Kaganof. Photographs by George Hallett.


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