e-flux journal issue 33

e-flux journal issue 33 out now with contributions by
Michael Baers, Mladen Dolar, John Miller,
Hans Ulrich Obrist and Adam Curtis, Martha Rosler, and Alenka Zupančič.


EUR 6.00

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Brian O'Doherty. Atelier und Galerie. Studio and Cube

Relevante Bücher: 
Brian O'Doherty
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Brian O'Doherty
Merve, 2012, 9783883962764
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Fantastic Man Issue 15

The 15th issue of FANTASTIC MAN features MATTHEW SLOTOVER, mastermind behind the FRIEZE art and magazine empire, on the cover. The charming Mr. SLOTOVER discusses the transformation of London’s contemporary art market, how music magazine NME was his bible growing up and, of course, the highly anticipated FRIEZE NEW YORK fair in May. Other remarkable gentleman profiled in this issue include: heroic Australian swimmer IAN THORPE, radical garden designer PIET OUDOLF, internet pioneer PERRY CHEN, champion of fashion TIM BLANKS and the great American menswear designer BILL ROBINSON. FANTASTIC MAN also ventured to the desert oasis of Palm Springs, California, to photograph 36-pages of fabulous summer fashions. The Modernist paradise perfectly suited for a modern vacation in a modern holiday wardrobe. The rest of the issue is composed of fine reads, an investigation into the noble sport of race walking, chic fashion stories, chitchat – we spoke with JEAN TOUITOU, OWEN JONES and NIGEL STOWE, of the Dover Street ARTS CLUB – and a bounty of helpful tips and proposals for the joyous spring and summer seasons.

Issue 15. EUR 8.50

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SKULPI II ist eine Publikation zum Thema des Porträts ohne Kopf, der Skulptur, der Befreiung vom Kontext, des Porträts mit Kopf, sowie Eltern, Gackerl und Zivildienst.
27,5 x 20 cm, 84 Seiten in Farbe und Schwarz/Weiß

mit Beiträgen von Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Verena Dengler, Timo Feldhaus, Roland Galle, Julian Göthe, Tanja Göttken, Mary Heilmann, Kiki Kogelnik, Mariano Mayer, Birgit Megerle, Dominikus Müller, Jan Müller Henrik Olesen, Magnus Schäfer, Roman Schramm, Amy Sillman, Susanne M. Winterling

Eingeladen und zusammengestellt von Birgit Megerle und Roman Schramm
Gestaltet von Katrin Friedmann und Roman Schramm
Herausgegeben von Roman Schramm

EUR 10.00

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