metroZones (Ed.): Faith is the Place. b_books, Berlin.

The Urban Cultures of Global Prayers.

„Faith is the Place“ offers a differentiated view on the connections between urban cultures and religious practices, between the promise of salvation and social liberation.

Based on close cooperation between artistic and scientific researchers „Faith is the Place“ explores how the new policies, economies, and cultures of faith in urban spaces are operating. It also highlights the pictures and sounds, spaces, and practices created by the religious in the light of globalisation.

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MetroZones (Hg.)
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MetroZones (Hg.)
B_books, 2012, 978-3-942214-04-9
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The Smart Frrridge Reader

Smart Frrridge Reader was published in 2012 with materials from the exhibition "The Smart Frrridge. Chilly Forecast for Internet Fridge", at Kunstverein Medienturm in Graz, curated by Sandro Droschl and Yngve Holen, with contributions by Nicolas Ceccaldi, Simon Denny, Yngve Holen, Ilja Karilampi, Morag Keil, AIDS 3-D (Keller Kosmas) and Marlie Mul.

The Smart Frrridge Reader is a print-on-demand book published by Copies in various formats are now available for sale at Pro qm.

500 pages; different formats

xym 2012
b/w: 27,00 €
colour: 90,00 €

Einzelpreis: €25,00
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Oscar Tuazon. Leave Me Be

120 pages ; 23 x 16 cm
DoPe Press 2012
EUR 18.00
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AM 17 Magazin / The Obsession Issue

Gegliedert in drei große Kapitel, widmet sich die neue Edition des etablierten Studentenprojekts der Obsession, dem Exzess, der Besessenheit. Die einzelnen Abschnitte des von Natalie Neomi Isser und Pasqual Schillberg gestalteten Magazins sind hierbei wieder in kleinere Themenbereiche unterteilt und beinhalten sowohl eine Vielzahl an studentischen Arbeiten der ABK Stuttgart, als auch externen Features...
EUR 12.00

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