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An Everyday Life Interiors Magazine
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Barcelona, Milan

Apartamento is an independent magazine, born out of the will to establish a connection with its readers by portraying interiors, furniture, design, architecture as a mean of personal expression... in a way that is close to the feelings and aesthetics of many new generations, either if you are 18 and just moved out of your parent’s house or you are 45 and thinking of redoing your apartment from scratch.

Apartamento is dedicated to the concept of Home and Interiors, comprehending all that makes the place where you live yours: furniture, interior design, books, food, music, architecture, art, gardening... People tend to try and affirm their personal taste more than ever nowadays, and express it in many ways: by the way they talk, the way they dress, the things they do... Apartamento is there to capture the moment in life you start living in your own home and you want it to reflect your own personality.

Apartamento will show homes of young, both established and emerging, creative people from all over the world, like it has never done before, filling a gap for style and aesthetically hungry readers, bored with the usual masks and clique imposed by most magazines in the field.
We will not show tidy interiors because they don’t exist outside your mum’s imagination. We want to show how people arrange their homes and the solutions they find to the same problems you have.

Text: Francesco Tenaglia