360 Maalot

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Tel Aviv

360 Maalot is a fashion culture magazine, considered to be the most cutting edge print publication in Israel. It achieves international standards in all aspects - content, concept, design, photography, ads, print. Even though it has a small circulation, mainly in the Tel Aviv region, it has a very strong influence on the local fashion industry and features the 'top of the crop' in all departments - models, photographers, hair and make-up artists, stylists, designers, writers, etc. We are responsible for the looks and feel of the magazine in all aspects. Keren Arnaldes is the editor in chief and co-publisher, Moshe Moograbi is the graphic editor. 360 is now in its third year of circulation. Its current form as a big fashion culture quarterly is the product of gradual development in the field of publishing that started 7 years ago with its 'father' magazine 42 Maalot. We are very proud that some of the talented individuals working for many years with us on its creation have grown and become leaders in their respective fields.