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Artist Novels



David Maroto, Joanna Zielinska (Hg)
Artist Novels. The Book Lovers Publication
Sternberg Press, 2015

Bernadette Corporation
Reena Spaulings
Semiotext(e) 2005

Gerry Bibby. The Drumhead
Sternberg Press 2014

Erin Cosgrove
The Baader-Meinhof Affair
Printed Matter 202

Keren Cytter
The Man Who Climbed Up the Stairs of Life and Found Out They Where Cinema Seats
Sternberg Press 2005

Keren Cytter
The seven most exciting hours of Mr. Trier's life in twenty-four chapters
Sternberg Press 2008

Keren Cytter
The Amazing True Story of Moshe Klinberg
Onestar Press 2009

Everyone Agrees
After The Night  
Book Works 2013

Matias Faldbakken
The Cocka Hola Company. Skandinavische Misanthropie
Blumenbar Verlag 2004

Liam Gillick
All Books
Book Works 2009

Ilja Karilampi
The Hunter in the Armchair
Morava Books 2012

Rita McBride
[Gina Ashcraft, pseud.] Naked Came the ****.
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein 2002

Lucy McKenzie, Michael Alan
Unlawful Assembly
Koenig Books 2014

Bjarne Melgaard
A New Novel
Aschehoug & Co 2014

The Book of Jokes
Dalkey Archive Press 2009

The Book of Scotlands
Sternberg Press 2009

The Book of Japans
Sternberg Press 2011

Heather and Ivan Morison
Falling Into Place
Book Works 2010

Ariane Müller
Handbuch für die Reise durch Afrika
Starship Verlag 2013

Ingo Niermann, Erik Niedling
The Future of Art: A Diary
Sternberg Press 2012

Brian O'Doherty
The Crossdresser's Secret
Sternberg Press 2014

Philippe Parreno
Snow Dancing
Kaleidoscope Press 2010

Mai-Thu Perret
The Crystal Frontier. IN: C. Keller (Ed.) Land of Crystal
JRP Ringier 2008

Roee Rosen
Sweet Sweat  [Justine Frank, pseud.]
Sternberg Press 2009

Société Réaliste
The Best American Book of the 20th Century. A Novel
Onomatopee 2014

Cally Spooner
Collapsing in Parts
International Project Space/Mousse Publishing 2013