Clog 12 World Trade Center

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Clog, 2014, 978-0-9904224-1-9
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Cabinet Magazine Issue 54

Cabinet magazine issue 54, with a special section on “The Accident,”
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IDEA No.366. Visual Communication in the Post-Internet Age

Special Feature: Visual Communication in the Post-Internet Age
Rafaël Rozendaal
Visual Artifacts: Works from the Post-Internet Age
Adam Ferriss,Alain Vonck,Anny Wang,Anthony Antonellis,BACON,Dom Sebastian,Emilio Gomariz,Francesco Mancin,Joe Hamilton,Kim Laughton,Michael Guidetti,Norman Orro,Nic Hamilton,OKFocus,§†§,Sebastian Thewes,Steph Davidson,Teen Witch Fan Club / Zain Curtis,Thomas Traum,ucnv

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The texts in Issue #001 go in search of what is meant by the enigmatic ‘idea of natural history’. To avoid confusion, this theme is approached as a critical idea, and is to be distinguished from the scientific discipline that observes natural objects and organisms through the course of time. The introduction of the idea of ‘natural history’ into the tradition of critical theory can be traced to a lecture delivered by Theodor Adorno in 1932 to the Frankfurt Kant Society. Briefly put; Adorno proposed to abolish the customary antithesis of nature and history. His goal was to overcome, on the one hand, a scientistic understanding of nature as pure facticality, and on the other, a broadly idealistic conception which takes history to be a process of ceaseless innovation. In this sense, ‘natural historical’ thinking takes up Adorno’s call to radically criticise the categorical definition of these two oppositional concepts. This does not mean simply a reactionary return to ‘pre-modern’ thinking, but rather it means re-reading the paradox of natural history as an imperative; to comprehend an object as natural when it appears at its most historical, and as historical when it appears as natural.


Lachlan Gell, Harry Glass, Ezekiel Morgan


Leon Batchelor, Michael Bazzett, Timothy Chandler, Anneliese Daniels, Michael Deal, Lachlan Gell, Harry Glass, Daniel Gottlieb, Amelia Groom, Jan Kempaneurs, Steve Kelson, Esther Leslie, Yves Marchand, Romain Meffre, Miranda Mellis, Stephen Mitchelmore, Tito Mouraz, Jacinta Mulders, India Stibilj, Lucinda Stibilj, Charles Waterstreet, Chris Wild.

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