TOILETPAPER was founded in 2010 by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari with the art direction of Micol Talso as a picture-based magazine.
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The Shelf Journal #3

Vier5, Interview They put their books centre stage.

Sebastian Carter, Cambridge Christmas Book — At Cambridge University Press, Christmas has long been synonymous with the production of a special limited edition collection.

Massin, Interview — An immersion in the famous French graphic designer’s private library.

castillo/corrales, This is not a best of — The Parisian collective talks to us about its involvement in contemporary independent publishing as reflected in a list of well-chosen books from their bookshop: Section 7 Books.

Kai von Rabenau, Taylored to the client — A conversation with the founder of mono.kulur, the German cultural journal that excels in skilful contemporary interviewing techniques.

Leslie McGrath, My Book House — The editorial adventures of Olive Beaupré Miller, the founder of the My Book House collections, or how to bring joy and ethics into the hearts of children by virtue of high quality books.

Jean-Yves Jouannais, Pitched Battle — A war library, a personal encyclopaedia and oral literature: the role of books as “memoirs” of wars by Jean-Yves Jouannais.

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Girls Like Us. Issue 5

FEATURING a digital conversation with performance artist boychild, writer Chris Kraus on beer brewing and BDSM, music producer and artist Fatima Al Qadiri on her 1989 haircut, Californian surfers by Eve Fowler & Mariah Garnett, curator Annick Kleizen recapturing the artist residency circuit from a hammock in Brazil, artist Jesse Darling paraphrasing Drake, musicians The Knife dissecting their communal experiment ‘Shaking The Habitual’ through the eyes of their collaborators and MUCH MORE.
Cover: boychild photographed in Los Angeles by Agnes Thor

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De:Bug 181… The Future Will Survive

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